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ABAC PH, MBC hold briefing on APEC Cross-Border Privacy Rules

The APEC Business Advisory Council of the Philippines (ABAC PH), in partnership with Makati Business Club (MBC), held an Executive Briefing on APEC Cross-Border Privacy Rules (APEC CBPR) on September 12, 2019 in Makati Shangri-La. The goal of the briefing was geared towards discussing the APEC CBPR and its impact on the economy and Philippine businesses.

National Privacy Commissioner (NPC) Chairman Raymund Enriquez Liboro delivered a keynote presentation on APEC CBPR, followed by data privacy expert and former NPC Deputy Commissioner Damian Domingo Mapa, who presented the private sector perspective on the topic.

The briefing was organized following the Philippines’ submission of its formal intent to join APEC’s regional data privacy framework last August.

“Data knows no bounds and transcends all jurisdictions,” said Chairman Liboro during his presentation. Since data has the capacity to cross borders, security measures and economic barriers remain a primary concern for businesses. He underscored however that Philippines is setting the standard on data privacy, citing the Philippine chairmanship of ASEAN’s data privacy and protection council and signing of Memorandum of Understanding on Personal Data Protection with Singapore.

APEC CBPR is a voluntary and certification-based system that provides baseline standards for data privacy in the Asia-Pacific. The adoption of such system will be an opportunity for businesses to seamlessly transfer data across CPBR-participating economies. Through this framework, companies will be able to foster trust among consumers, compete globally, and engage in trade across the region without barriers.

Mr. Mapa, in his presentation, encouraged companies to adopt APEC CBPR, “[Because] having certification means that you have achieved a certain level of compliance.”

After the sessions, an open forum was moderated by MBC Executive Director Coco Alcuaz.

Tune in to abac.ph and MBC’s Facebook page for event photos.

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