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Ensuring the future of APEC through youth participation

The APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC) Philippines is proud to announce this year’s Philippine delegates to the Voices of the Future (VOF), APEC’s youth program: Raiza Kiana Tiwan (head delegate), Reyna Monica Gaspar, Emmanuel Mirus Ponon, Sydney Torrenueva, Mark John Jacinto, and Ryan Remo Alebado (educator). As chosen representatives, the six delegates will be presenting Philippine perspectives in the discussion of the program’s four themes: (1) international cooperation to combat COVID-19, (2) digital future, (3) climate change and sustainability, and (4) a future for all. 

This annual youth event will provide young people from across the Asia-Pacific region a grand opportunity to contribute to the APEC agenda through the Youth Declaration which they will present to the APEC Leaders. In preparation for this, they will learn and discuss with APEC officials, policymakers, business executives, and international experts on issues affecting the region. This October, each delegate will be joining different working groups to prepare their inputs for the Declaration and engage with other delegates regarding the future of APEC. 

APEC Voices of the Future will be held virtually on November 9-12 during APEC Leaders’ Week and will feature a variety of speakers and experts who will share their perspectives and knowledge on the VOF themes.